March 2, 2021

"What Masks Hide?" — new update in Hidden City®

On the eve of hanami, the Blooming Quarter opened in the City. The residents come here to buy traditional picnic treats or get some holiday souvenirs for their loved ones before going to the garden to contemplate the cherry blossoms. Why is the mask dealer’s shop in greatest demand this year? Should we also visit it?

A legendary story awaits you in this update, full of valuable life wisdom and rewards.

  • Explore a new location—a colorful Blooming Quarter, where you can find real magic among the ordinary goods.
  • Find out why hanami may end ahead of time for the City residents.
  • Participate in spring mini-events and get even more rewards.
  • Get unique prizes, including the Bamboo Basket full of valuable consumables.
  • Become the owner of colorful avatars of the Hanami Lovers—Thoughtful Aimi and the Mask Dealer.
  • Add the precious Silk Obi to your collection of historical rewards.
  • Be sure to visit the Curiosity Shop, as its assortment has been significantly replenished upon the beginning of hanami!