Alchemy of Spring — new update in Hidden City®

March 31, 2021

Alchemy of Spring — new update in Hidden City®

An unusual golden fog transferred the Stained-Glass Mezzanine, a beautiful building with multi-colored windows, to the center of the City. The mezzanine is full of items related to bees, but now there is only silence, not disturbed by their buzzing.

Why did the fog manifest us the Stained-Glass Mezzanine? Maybe someone who lives there is connected with the mysterious disappearance of the golden bees?

A fascinating spring story with lots of unexpected twists and valuable prizes awaits you:

• Explore a new location, the mysterious Stained-Glass Mezzanine, that suddenly emerged from the fog.
• Figure out who could benefit from the magical golden bees’ disappearance;
• Participate in a variety of mini-events to get worthy rewards to help you in the investigation;
• Get unique prizes, including the “Queen of the Flowers” totem, which will reward you with many valuable consumables.
• Get charming avatars of the Elated by Spring – Golden-Haired Hannah and Gilbert Fly.
• Add the luxurious and exquisite Collectible Specimen to your collection of story awards.
• Don’t forget to visit the Curiosity Shop, as there are some exclusive spring novelties on its display cases!