Grand Show - new update in Hidden City®

August 11, 2021

Grand Show - new update in Hidden City®

The canvas walls of the big top are saturated with fog, but the performance continues, with miracles happening in the arena. Yet nobody knows if these are mere tricks or dark illusions.

In the update, you’re in for an exciting investigation of an almost perfect crime, as well as the opportunity to get valuable prizes:

• Explore a new location – the Traveling Circus, which had to stay in the City surrounded by the fog for a long time;
• Find evidence pointing to the mastermind behind the clever robbery, and unravel the secrets of the most spectacular tricks;
• Take part in a variety of mini-events and win worthy rewards;
• Take advantage of the chance to get unique prizes, including the Magician’s Box full of valuable consumables;
• Become the owner of the impressive Circus Stars’ avatars – the Giggly Funny and the Big Guy Maximus;
• Replenish your collection of awards for completing event stories with the mystical Fog Door;
• Don’t forget to visit the Curiosity Shop, as its updated assortment contains wonderful rarities!