Web of Dreams — new update in Hidden City®

April 28, 2021

Web of Dreams — new update in Hidden City®

The Foggy Oasis has become a refuge from the mysterious sleep fever for many citizens. An atmosphere of calmness and tranquility reigns here, and the mysterious Ministers of the Fog promise to heal anyone who comes here.

Who are they really, and how did these people manage to find a cure so quickly? Does their fog treatment really help them cure the dangerous ailment?

This update has new acquaintances, mystical events, and secrets waiting for you, by solving which you can get unique rewards:

• Explore every corner of the Foggy Oasis, a mysterious sanatorium that has opened its doors for the residents of the City;
• Unravel the mystery of the sleep fever’s origin, which has plunged people into a deep nightmare;
• Test your skills in new mini-events and earn useful rewards;
• Don’t miss the chance to get unique prizes, including the “Fog Watcher” amulet, which will help you explore the Upper City locations even more efficiently;
• Enrich your avatar collection with a pair of mysterious Ministers of the Fog – the Abbess of Illusions and Merciful Paku;
• After completing the event story, add the rare Epiphany Amulet to your awards collection;
• Be sure to check out the Curiosity Shop, as its assortment has been replenished with some new items. And these aren’t all the prizes that await you in the upcoming update!